Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amazon offers publishers better deal on E-books but with strings

Amazon goes head to head with Apple over the percentage that publishers get
from E-book sales. The 70% deal, doubling what publishers and authors
currently split on Kindle book sales, comes with strings that look good for
us the reader. E-book and printe editions published at the same time,
E-book at a lower price, and best of all to get the bigger cut authors must
agree to enable text to speech meaning the Kindle can read aloud. This
might go some way to overturning the situation that arose when authors,
concerned about protecting their audio book rights, collectively forced
Amazon to disable by default the text to speech on all titles. Thumbs up to
Amazon for including this as part of the improved offer. The improved terms
only apply in the US at present but all the same, Just maybe some good news
for E-book accessibility at long last.

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